Homophobia in Mendocino County, California
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James Allen Mallo's Criminal Record

[ Currently residing in San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA. ]
1/3/86Petty Theft
10/24/86First Degree Burglary, (two years state prison)
1/24/86Vehicle Theft (60 days); Parole Violation (202 days)
1/3/89Petty Theft With Prior and Obstructing Or Resisting Arrest (255 days)
1/3/89Grand Theft, Receiving Stolen Property (3 years state prison)
5/8/91Parole Violation
6/15/91"RTN For Morrissey Hearing Detainer." From CDC-San Quentin: Tobacco found while doing security check. Inmate Mallo is sole occupant of cell B-16.
7/12/92Parole Violation. Assault with A Deadly Weapon, Knife. Prowling/Apartment (84 days)
8/1/92Violation Report Notification: Throwing Food. Conduct Which Disrupts/Interferes With Running Of Facility. Abusive Language. Insolence Towards Correctional Staff Member. Admits to all charges. Possession Of Contraband.
1/26/92Revocation Hearing And Decision: Parole Revoked, Return To Custody. Basis For Disposition: Prior Prison Term For Burglary, 2nd. Prior for Sexual Battery; Use of Alcohol & Marijuana (8 months). Parolee is basically a property offender with an alcohol problem. Present Visualized Behavior Is: A Threat To Safety Of Others.
2/5/93Rape By Intoxication (Six Years). Lewd Or Lascivious Acts with A Child; Burglary In The 2nd Degree; Parole Violation.
3/8/93-4/3/93Moved To Isolation. Responsible for an extended lock down last week. Troublemaker causing problems within module. Continued to be disruptive after being warned. Threats to inmates. Manipulator and instigator. Trying to become a tank boss and having difficulty getting along with other inmates. Conduct which disrupts. Interfering with headcount. Using abusive language. Insolence. Conduct which interferes with an officer during performance.
3/19/97Parole Violation
3/20/97Parole Violation
4/10/97-4/23/97Lewd Or Lascivious Acts With A Child. Child Molesting (90 days). Battery.
4/8/98-4/23/98Incident Reports - Synopsis: Inmate Salsman told me that inmate Mallo was secreting a lighter, tobacco and marijuana. I spoke with Salsman and Salsman wrote on paper that Mallo was carrying drugs (see attached note). When I asked Salsman if he had seen the drugs, lighter, or contraband, he said when they were in Solano County facility that Mallo had gotten a latex glove. He said he saw Mallo cut the fingertips off of the glove. He said he also saw one of the balloons that Mallo had keestered because Mallo had to re-adjust the balloon. He said the balloon had blood on it, and that Mallo was concerned about this, as he has pain. He said that Mallo had ingested some of the balloons that had the marijuana in it. Salsman said that Mallo told him that if he was caught with keestered contraband that he would still have the marijuana in the balloons that he had swallowed. Salsman said Mallo is in a lot of pain from the stuff he had keestered. Mallo will be housed in Med-Iso for observation until items have passed. The majority of the inmates asked replied that Mallo and Dalton are the ones causing all the problems. Mallo is threatening the weaker inmates for food, rent, and to watch what he wants to watch on tv. Inmates also stated that Mallo was the one who brought the tobacco into a-mod.
5/19/99Parole Violation
5/23/99Failure To Register As Sex Offender Based On A Felony Conviction
6/23/99Parole Violation
3/23/00Parole Violation
2/25/00Under Influence Of Methamphethamines 120 Days
7/12/00Parole Violation

Incident Report. "When I asked him (Martin) what happened, he told me inmate Mallo had choked him during an argument over a card game. I then removed inmates Todd and Cox who were playing cards with Mallo and Martin at the time of the incident. I spoke with both inmates separately. They both gave me the same story about the card game, both inmates told me they saw Mallo put his hands around inmate Martin's neck. CD Spurling and I went into cell A-3 to remove inmate Mallo. As I was placing the cuffs on him he turned towards CD Spurling in an aggressive manner. CD Spurling and I placed him on the ground and finished placing the handcuffs on him. He told me the same story except he denied ever choking Martin. He claimed to have pushed him down on the table and held him there.

Disciplinary board report: 10 days lockdown, 2 week loss commissary visits.

Mallo Written Statement. "Inmates who were effected by these actions, personally & in general. I've given this apology verbally to Mike and have no problems with him or any others in A-mod and given my word I'll be in best behavior if allowed to return. Thank you for your time."

Mallo Written Statement: "As to decision being very harsh, his family, etc., etc., etc.

2/7/01Exceeded 55. Drivers Lic Not In Poss.
2/15/01Unlawful Detainer. $3,125.58 Judgment.
2/28/01Possession Of Controlled Substance for sale. Possession Of Controlled Substance (16 Months). Use/Under Influence Of Controlled Substance. Possession Of Hypodermic Syringe/Hypodermic Needle. Possession Of Paraphernalia For Unlawful Use.
4/27/01Corporal Injury To Spouse (90 days). False Imprisonment. Use/Under Influence Of Controlled Substance.
4/30/01Exhibit Deadly Weapon Other Than Firearm. Vandalism. Cruelty To Child By Inflicting Injury Or Endangering Health.
5/16/01Complaint For Money Under $5,000.

Disciplinary Board Report: "Inmate admitted to refusing to obey the order by CO Zimmerer." Mallo would hot wear the white jumpsuit, but instead orange. White = protective custody. Orange = general populace. Input report: Mallo goes to yard very seldom, as he does not want to be seen in the white jumpsuit. As inmate Mallo came out of b-mod, I noticed that be had a black eye and a cut across the bridge of his nose. He stated that it happened climbing into his bunk. Long history of Protective Custody violations and known informant. Rehoused to A/S, as extreme victim potential per Sgt. Pearce.

Memorandum: during the three weeks that Mallo was housed in A-mod, complaints against him by other inmates were numerous and increasing in frequency. Since Mallo has been removed from the module there has been a very noticeable de-escalation of tension. I believe Mallo is attempting to intimidate inmates in a A-Mod when housed there. He has had this same type of problem during previous incarcerations at this facility.

Incident: "He said that he did not feel safe in A-mod because of inmate Mallo. He told me that Mallo had threatened to "bash his brains in" yesterday, 5/14/01. Inmate Nissan initiated a fight with inmate Mallo. Inmate Cuadra advised me that Mallo was trying to run A-Module and was picking on people. Cuadra states that he is trying to get someone to drop off narcotics at the main jail. I spoke with Mallo about these allegations and he claims all accusations to be false.

7/10/01Incident Report: "I heard an argument starting. I noticed inmates Mallo and Shoemaker arguing over the tv. Inmate Shoemaker was changing the channel and inmate Mallo was protesting the channel. They continued arguing and got face to face, threatening to settle the argument physically. While this was going on, I yelled directions at them which they disregarded. I then called for the door open and for backup. When I entered the module they became quiet and upon further directions they separated and locked down. After being locked down and the deputies leaving, they continued to yell and argue with each other. A-Mod was left locked down for the remainder of the shift per Cpl. Bednar's orders.
11/14/03Filing Date 11/14/03 - Case No. SC UK CR CR 03 0057157 002

"Count One: assault with a deadly weapon/or by means of force likely to produce bodily injury, a felony

Count Two: burglary in the first degree, a felony

Count Three: corporal injury to spouse, a misdemeanor"
4/22/04Page 9 of 4/22/04 Court Transcript reflects:

"Q. Isn't it true that you told Officer Lewis that you saw Mr. Mallo put a knife up to Ms. Scott's throat."

8/11/04From the front page of The Ukiah Daily Journal, August 11, 2004:

"CHASE ENDS IN ARREST — Ukiah Police take 37-year-old James Mallo, of Ukiah, into custody Tuesday afternoon off Village Circle after a foot chase by police Cpl. John Lewis. After being spotted by his parole supervisor, Mallo fled. He was caught and was arrested on charges of violating parole and methamphetamine possession. Mallo was previously in prison for a drug-related offense."
—Amy Wellnitz/The Daily Journal

3/2/05Filing Date 3/2/05 - Case No. MC WL CR CR 05 0063891 002

"Count One: preventing or dissuading a witness from testifying, a felony

Count Two: buying or receiving stolen property, a felony

Count Three: transportation of marijuana, a felony"
4/4/05Filing Date 4/4/05 - Case No. MC UK CR NT 05 0064554 002

"Count One: battery, a misdemeanor"

5/9/05On 5/9/05, Mendocino County Sheriff's Department advised:

"He [Mallo] was sent to prison on 4/8/05."

2/12/06Filing Date 3/14/06 - Case No. MC WL CR NT 06 70223 002

"Count One: Use/under influence of controlled substance - methamphetamine"

2/20/06Notice to Appear Citation No. 61041

"Expired Registration, Registration not in vehicle, No proof of insurance."

3/16/06"Failure to appear bench warrant, arrest warrant & declaration $5,000"
4/10/06MCSD jail personnel advised:
"no longer here, he [Mallo] was sent back to San Quentin"
6/27/06Filing Date 7/7/06 - Case No. MC UK CR NT 06 72148 002

"Count One: Use/under influence of controlled substance - methamphetamine"

9/13/06Hearing date - Case No. 06 70223 002 - "Imposition of sentence is suspended, and the defendant is placed on probation for a period of eighteen months."

"On motion of District Attorney, Court orders dismissal of Case No. 06 0072148 002."

The latter DA Dismissal Motion is certainly not an exception. As confirmed by MCDA records, District Attorney Norman Vroman personally instructed his staff member (them having inquired of Vroman as to prosecuting Mallo for failing to register as a "Sex Offender based on a felony conviction"), Vroman stated "if Parol (parole) not filing, why should we?"

It's an established fact that Mallo is a DA informant. One such case SC UK CV PT 03 89423, People vs. Simpson. Mallo being the decoy, afforded Vroman filing his SC UK CV 82135 - Petition in Rem for Forfeiture against Simpson for $1,130,002.11. The net proceeds being $446,801.05 into the Forfeiture Account.

The latter Forfeiture Account in mind, SC UK CVG 0696835 - Howland/Sakowicz vs. Vroman, filed 4/25/06 speaks for itself as to Vroman's misappropriation of said forfeiture account.

As to the expense of crimes against the citizenry, Mallo is but a "Broker" for the DA. Thus, for his crimes, the DA's prosecution of Mallo is merely a slap on the wrist. Pathetically enough it's just a matter of time wherein Mallo's crime shall indeed be murder. Recall 4/22/04:

"Q. Isn't it true that you told Officer Lewis that you saw Mr. Mallo put a knife up to Ms. Scot's throat?"

9/28/06"Case No. 06 70223 002 - Failure to appear bench warrant issued - September 13 probation revoked."
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