Homophobia in Mendocino County, California
The following is a clear example of a case where a renegade police agency (Mendocino County Sheriff's Department), in a largely homophobic small town, acting on a bogus complaint by a multiple convicted sex offender, James Allen Mallo, blatantly violated the civil rights of a law abiding citizen of its community.

The Sheriff's Department nor the District Attorney's Office, neither bothered nor cared to check the background of the complaining sex offender, James Allen Mallo, whose intent, obviously, was to extort money from his victim.

The goal of the agents and employees of the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney's Office was not to apprehend the criminal among them, James Allen Mallo, (thus protecting the citizens of the county) but, rather, to harass, humiliate, embarrass and terrorize a gay man, in order to make an example of him and cause him (and others like him) to leave the community.

The gay man, Marc Tosca, fought back in federal court and won.

Here you will find: the story as it appeared in a local newspaper; various letters; the complainant's criminal record; excerpts from lawsuit documents; excerpts from depositions; and conditions of the settlement.
story letters complainant lawsuit depositions settlement
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